Data-Driven Amazon Automation

We've mastered e-commerce so you don't have to. Let our team build, manage & scale an Amazon FBA store on your behalf, so you can reap the benefits of a successful business without the hassle.


The features that make our process unique

AI-Driven Decision Making

ClickProfit's proprietary AI and Machine Learning technology utilize real-life variables for comprehensive due diligence. This ensures data-driven, strategic decision-making, giving your Amazon business an undeniable edge.

Unmatched Re-pricing Capabilities

Our unique 520z Algorithmic Based Re-pricer operates discreetly, ensuring constant winning of the buy box without sacrificing profitability or notifying competitors.

Location-Based Cost Optimization

Our Location Quantified Decision Making tool meticulously analyzes distribution centers to determine the most cost-effective and efficient shipping routes, directly boosting your bottom line.

Extensive In-house Services

With ClickProfit, all your needs are managed in-house – from inventory management, customer service, to marketing, suspension recovery, capital funding, and beyond. We cover all aspects of your Amazon business, eliminating the need for third-party services.

Unrivalled Expertise and Experience

We bring years of experience and a track record of generating $25M+ annually, providing you with the assurance that your store is managed by seasoned ecommerce professionals.


With our 100% money-back guarantee within the first 52 weeks, we ensure a risk-free opportunity. Our tiered profit-sharing plan ensures you only share profits when your store is making money.

We create the best hands-free ecom experience

ClickProfit stands at the forefront of hands-free ecommerce. Our comprehensive Amazon automation program, expert team, and cutting-edge AI technology ensure a seamless and profitable ecommerce journey. We manage all operations, so you can enjoy the rewards of a thriving Amazon FBA business without the day-to-day hassles. With ClickProfit, profitable, hassle-free ecommerce is not just a promise - it's a guarantee.

Trusted by more than 1,000 brands

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It has never been easier to own your own Amazon store

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Our Amazon Automation program is perfect for all kinds of people

For individuals

Embrace a new realm of financial success with ClickProfit's Amazon automation program, tailor-made for individuals like you. As an individual seeking a profitable, hands-off business model, our program frees up your time and manages all aspects of your Amazon FBA business, letting you enjoy the benefits of a flourishing ecommerce venture without the typical responsibilities.

For professionals

Diversify your portfolio with ClickProfit's Amazon automation program. It's an opportunity to generate impressive returns from the flourishing ecommerce industry without the demands of daily management. Our expert team handles every aspect of the Amazon FBA store, so you don't have to.

For entrepreneurs

Amplify your entrepreneurial success with ClickProfit's Amazon automation program. It's an opportunity to own a thriving Amazon FBA business, all without the need to divert your focus from your primary enterprise. Our team manages your store, ensuring it grows into a profitable, hands-off source of income.

Don’t take our word, see what our clients say

"Click profit is a great organization and they have a really solid team that cares about its customers. I’ve enjoyed working with them so far"

Henry C

Verified client

"I'm blown away from the Click Profit's teams ability to under promise and over deliver! So thankful for the Click Profit team."

James G

Verified client

"Currently in the range of $850-1500 per day selling on amazon. The craziest part is we're only 68 days into this store."

Colleen C

Verified client

"People lie, numbers lie, advertisers lie, sales reps lie, NUMBERS DON'T! Currently sitting at a 29.73% ROI!!!!!"

Jake C

Verified client

"Apparently we're in the "trimming the fat" phase of my store and it's crazy to see my overall ROI fluctuate in a good way. Went from 17% to now 27% all within the last 23 days. I also saw they have cut around 36 of my 93 products that weren't selling as well....."

Jonathan P

Verified client

"Currently waiting for my inventory to hit the FBA warehouses. Super excited yet anxious for the official launch of my store. One side thing to note is I did apply for a bunch of credit cards using the 'best credit card sequence' in the course and ended up getting $62,250."

Scott A

Verified client

"I barely dedicate an hour of work per month, and honestly, I could probably get away with even less. It's remarkable how minimal effort can yield such impressive results. I find immense joy in regularly checking the overall store statistics—it's like witnessing the fruits of my minimal labor in real-time."

Josh B

Verified client

"Currently doing my 6 month review from when I started my FBA store. I’m huge on tracking my metrics to truly see my dollars earned per hour and highly recommend everyone do the same. Here’s what some of the data looks like....

Dave L

Verified client

"My husband and I are thrilled with our experience with Click Profit's FBA launch program. At first we were very skeptical but after speaking with William he explained how our investment would be 100% guaranteed. This did throw off a few red flags but after looking at the contract and having my attorney take a look we pulled the trigger. "

Sarah E

Verified client

"Couldn’t be happier with my store results. First 3 months were a bit slow, but as time went on I realized that I was just impatient. 7 months in and my store is ripping around $30k+ in sales.

Daniel F

Verified client

"I have two FBA stores. One with Click Profit and another with a competitor whose name I’m going to keep anonymous for slander reasons. A quick comparison: Click Profit by far beats my other store in terms of results, transparency & communication. I’ll also be moving all my capital over to my store I have with Click Profit because it will end up being more prof..."

Franny S

Verified client

"I’ve only been a client for the past 4 months. The first two months we were doing smaller sales and when they started cutting away all other products that weren’t selling that well my store blew up about a month later. I  put in less than an hour of work a MONTH and could put way less. I just love checking the overall store stats...."

John H

Verified client

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