About ClickProfit:

ClickProfit provides leading Amazon FBA automation services, offering a comprehensive, hands-off ecommerce solution for investors. Having generated over $25 million annually from our own ecommerce ventures, we founded ClickProfit to create a reliable, profitable presence in the FBA automation industry.

Why you should join ClickProfit:

Joining ClickProfit means being part of a team dedicated to transforming the ecommerce industry. We offer a stimulating work environment that encourages innovation, continual learning, and collaborative problem-solving. Your contributions will directly impact our clients' financial success and our service's overall performance.

About the team:

Our team comprises accomplished professionals from diverse backgrounds in ecommerce, technology, and business. We value open communication, mutual respect, and a culture of excellence and continuous learning.

About the role:

As a Product Sourcer and Negotiator, you'll play a vital role in leveraging our custom AI software to make strategic product sourcing decisions. Your work will directly influence our inventory quality and cost-effectiveness, contributing to the profitability of our clients' stores.

Your responsibilities:

  • -Use our AI software to identify and source high-quality products
  • -Negotiate with suppliers to secure competitive prices and favorable terms
  • -Collaborate with cross-functional teams to meet business needs
  • -Maintain up-to-date knowledge of market trends and competitor strategies
  • -Ensure product sourcing strategies align with company objectives

Your core skills:

  • -Solid experience in product sourcing or procurement
  • -Strong negotiation skills and business acumen
  • -Familiarity with AI tools and data-driven decision making
  • -Excellent communication and teamwork skills
  • -Attention to detail and problem-solving skills

Additional Skills:

  • -Knowledge of the ecommerce industry, particularly Amazon FBA
  • -Ability to handle multiple tasks and deadlines
  • -Experience with supplier evaluation and contract negotiation
  • -Strong analytical skills and ability to work independently
  • -Continuous learner with a passion for staying updated on industry trends